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Artists registered can be part of our iARTsWall Artist Community at no additional cost. Simply follow the following steps for our free Artist Promotion, courtesy of iARTsWALL.

  1. Fill out the Form below with your information and submit it. (Images most be of good quality in order to attract our collectors). Remember, image is everything.
  2. Our Curators will review your Artwork and Social Media.
  3. Your will receive an email in the next 7 days notifying you if you were accepted. If Accepted, we will ask you for any additional information needed. We randomly select Artists to Interview. (cross your fingers)
  4. Once your Artist Profile is Live (YAYYY!!), we will email you the link so you can promote it in the social media. We recommend you add this link to your Artist website if you have one, this will increase your website’s rating.
  5. Your Article will be published in our social media. Be sure to follow us on Facebook so you don’t miss this publication.


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