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NATHALIE GARCIA | B 1986 Havana, Cuba

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“Living in a world where it’s not an easy task to follow one’s passion, the key is consistency and action…” Nathalie Garcia




After completing her MBA Degree in Corporate Business, and getting close to her 30’s, she decided to pursue the one thing that was always inside of her, but never got to develop. Now at her 30’s, she has participated in many collective Art Exhibitions and has coordinated many of them herself.

“As an Artist, I felt the struggle of not being able to promote my work easily. Therefore, as a profesional in the Business and Management Information Systems field, I found myself looking for other ways.

I founded iARTsWall as a means of promoting my work and those around me that struggled to have a presence online. I started seeing much potencial in this newly discovered area and started having the need to continue growing this Artist’s Community.” NATHALIE GARCIA


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How did it all started?

“My inclination towards developing my hidden Art desires initiated as a means to a need to take emotions out. As I started experimenting and letting myself go, I realized I had discovered a new passion I never got to develop. Simple things in life can lead us to discover new passions, and these passions can lead us to discover  a new world. A friend once told me, your Art still controls you, and I said that was exactly how felt. Months later, the same friend told me, now you have taken control over your work.

For the first time, I felt I was not doing things for the purpose of creating something beautiful and attractive to the eye. I felt I was pushing myself to do the absolute best that I could do.

What changed?

I had people that believed in me. What you do is what represents you. I realized I was not giving it my absolute best before, because I was afraid to do so while in the process. Now, I know I give it the best I can, my desire is for each piece to be so special that not only it can be felt, but also understood.

What have I learned?

I stopped being afraid of showing who I am, and I stopped hiding behind my Art. I started showing   who I am: Mother, Daughter, Artist, Woman, Friend, Spiritual being because without our spiritual side, Art doesn’t have the same meaning me, and the child that still exist in me.

What are your struggles?

Finding the time to do everything that goes through my mind it’s quite a mission. However, being under such pressure makes me feel powerfulwhen I realize how many things I have been able to accomplish, and still being able to give the quality time my son and family needs from me. My family is everything to me.

Where are you going?

I’m going forward, not only in my career as an Artist, but also in my life as a human being. I believe this is simply one of our journeys, and we should use the time wisely. Not only is it being successful important in this journey, but also keeping that perfect balance between living and growing.

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