Helmo Escobar, Miami

Helmo Escobar, B 1984 Havana, Cuba

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Artist Statement


Based in Miami, Florida, USA.

It’s been 6 years since I started painting professionally. For a long period I spent time trying to really find out what the way would be in my art.

The influence of my father (Professional architect) in my work is very important. The lines, perspective, buildings, urban landscapes are part of my daily study. I just needed to find the means to reflect all that need of expression within me. In oil painting I could find all the necessary elements to do it. The drying times, the gloss and finish of the oil are something unique that contributes this technique in my work. The technique that I am trying to develop tries to escape completely from any guidelines that teach us in art school. I want to develop my technique and method of work until I achieve mastery.

My art always tries to navigate between the figurative and the abstract. Transporting the viewer to a different world but at the same time feeling identified through elements that you can easily find in your daily life.

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