Ihosvany Amador, Miami

Ihosvany Amador, B 1971 Havana, Cuba

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Born and raised in Cuba, Amador expanded his Art Education by studying in the “Escuela Elemental de Artes Plasticas 23 y C”, the Academy of Beautiful Arts “San Alejandro” and Public Photography. Although I could give you a list of all the Collective Art Exhibitions and Solo Exhibitions in which he has exhibited his work, I would rather focus in bringing to light the kind of Artist that he truly is.

AMADOR “Descanso Tormentoso”.






From his point of view:

The dragonfly is an incredible insect which is very representative in artists, it's transparent and fast, but I represent more with the Tocororo or with the Hummingbird.
The Zunzun is an endemic bird of Cuba and it is also a species of the smallest, which cannot be caged. The Zunzun is very representative of the cubania.
You know artists or people go through stages in their lives and in our case, we have the virtue of being able to capture dreams, ideas, and the state of mind make us very variable in the way to create since we are in constant changes. We reflect everything according to our current situation. And it is a beautiful thing to watch as we pass through stages and reflect them.

Someone told me that the greater the problems, the more my creativity and the richness of giving life to elements and tools with love and art alone. 

"Art is a melody only for those who touch a heart with love." 

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