Time does not forgive friends, and that’s the reason why every day we live, we must think not only of how blessed we are, but also of the things in our lives that we would like to change.
When we attend these events we meet again with Artists and people who once were strangers that over time some have become acquaintances and others in friends. The time that we dedicate to these events is even more than the time that we leave of celebration, and in a certain way we see it like work.
However, I would like to dedicate this event to the sincere friendships made thanks to art, to the lives that the Art itself has changed giving at least a sense of living. But more importantly, I want us to analyze that Art, besides being passion, work, relief and study, also gives us the opportunity to make sincere friendships, to value them and to support them. A single person can do a lot, and achieve great things when he/she works for what he/she likes and struggles for his life. Imagine if each person did the same! And with this writing I leave you, and I welcome you once again to Optimus Art Gallery.

2 thoughts on “Optimus Collective Art Exhibition- Closure”

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