NATHALIE GARCIA art piece”The Art is the Fashion Exhibition at Optimus Art Gallery”

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Our Approach

We are building an Artist Community that which will be involved in the following: Exhibitions, Artist Promotion through our website and in the Social Media, Interview Channel and a Virtual Gallery  for Art Sale.

Our Mission is to work together with local Artists to promote their work.

We find strength in union. Our talents, skills and personalities distinguish us. Competition it’s simply a term used by those to which creation doesn’t come easily. Creation has no limits, it is an essential part of our well being. When you are one of a kind, when you are the creator of your work, there is no competition. People will admire you for what you do..

We are iARTsWall

Sponsors, Foundations, Artists, Magazines, Performers, Bloggers, Fashion Designers and photographers.
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